Friday, May 11, 2007

It's May.. Like most deadlines, everything crept by.. The new job tends to leave me exhausted at the end of the day, so I have been slow in achieving my objective with WaspVM. It didn't help that I made the mistake of using Google Code, which is horribly raw and unready, for managing the public source tree. The new source tree may be found at the Ubuntu project's Launchpad; while this, too, is relatively raw, it doesn't force me to use Subversion, which automatically makes it a hell of a lot better than Google Code. (Bazaar is like a more readable, less self-imploding Darcs.) The build tree self compiles, but does not do any of the following:
  • Install. It's a bit early for installing this version, it's very immature.
  • REPL. I still need to adjust all of the REPL source files for the new Channel semantics.
  • TCP Connections. The I/O monitor is going to be moved into a subsystem.
Once all of these things work, I will cut an alpha one release, and start laying down the framework for a new documentation project. While I still have access to the old Mosquito reference data, it was never clearly licensed and its quality was somewhat uneven -- I had very little input in the documentation process, and was never satisfied with it. Which brings us to the next question: where in the world is Ephemeral Security? I can only guess that things have gone awry, and Wes Brown has decided to let the whole thing lapse into silence. Since we split on less than amicable terms, I would probably be the last to know..