Sunday, August 3, 2008

Temptations and Invisible Peer Pressure

I have developed a little hobby over the past couple years -- going out and finding mentions of Mosquito, MOSREF or Ephemeral Security that also suppose that the Mosquito project has gone dead and I have disappeared off the face of the earth. It is really my own fault, Wes has always been better than me at self-promotion; I do things like Mosquito just to entertain myself without considering that other people might find them useful. Most of these mentions are people who were in the DC14 audience who were really looking forwards to using MOSREF 2.0 for their own research and professional use. I feel a certain amount of sadness when I realize that I disappointed these people when I veered off into language design. People seem to be daunted by the challenge of learning Mosquito Lisp and making their own improvements to MOSREF, which is a shame. Perhaps in the near future I'll take a day or two to port MOSREF for those hopeful few who are still interested. It'll be a nice holiday from doing the responsible thing: focusing on getting Wasp to a production-quality level.