Thursday, August 7, 2008

WaspVM 0.3 Released!

After nine months in development, WaspVM 0.3 is complete. 0.3 will be the last alpha release of WaspVM, with development focus moving on to improving the reliability and usability of the functionality present in WaspVM, and writing documentation. Since WaspVM 0.2, the autoconf build process has been removed, returning to a Mosquito-style; we have also seen some serious improvements in the I/O loop, including bugfixes for some issues that have been part of MOSVM and WASPVM for years. (Mostly win32-related.. And someone please kick me before I autoconf again..) The source package and prebuilt windows executables can be found at Wasp Lisp Releases. Please, try these packages out and let me know if you have any problems building, installing or using them. Every bug found now is a bug that won't be there for Wasp 1.0..