Thursday, September 18, 2008

Kicking Wasp 0.4 Out of the Door..

This has been languishing in my To Do list for the past couple weeks, introducing Wasp Lisp 0.4. This version provides a lot of little improvements in the network and console I/O on Windows and Linux, and, more importantly, contains a complete port of MOSREF 2.0 from MOSREF 2.0b3. All of the functionality we demonstated two years ago from MOSREF is in this newest port of MOSREF, but with different ciphers. Stability and speed have greatly improved, compared to the 2006 prototype, largely due to the use of the Salsa/20 stream cipher for the session cipher.

Work will begin soon on Wasp 0.5, which consist of more primitive namespace cleanup, bug fixes and, hopefully, WaspDoc.