Friday, June 22, 2007

Version 0.1 Released! Kind of..

To avoid becoming the next Debian project manager, I decided it is probably time to release version 0.1 of WaspVM. This version compiles and executes programs, but does not read input from the user correctly, does not do asynchronous I/O, does not build subsystems, and probably does not build on Windows. But, it does contain the new Channel and Connection semantics, and it will be the last version that does not provide integration with native threads. Version 0.2 will use pthreads and libevent to create a worker thread to manage I/O concurrent with the virtual machine. I will also add the ability to build subsystems, which has been omitted because I am still trying to get comfortable with autoconf. After 0.2, we will probably see Alpha One, and work will begin on the Wasp Documentation project. With the lessons learned from WaspDoc and Alpha One, the Beta process and march to 1.0 will begin. I'm setting a project deadline of roughly 2017 for 1.0.. Learned my lesson with that December target. :)