Saturday, November 10, 2007

Welcome to Wasp Lisp 0.2!

Wasp Lisp 0.2 is ready for the public! The REPL is back in this version, and it seems to work well on my two test platforms, Linux/x86 and WinNT. As in 0.1, the network event loop is still missing, subsystems won't build automatically, although they DO load on both platforms, and Wasp still won't produce standalone executables. I know I said that 0.2 would have the network loop back, but people have been asking questions about Wasp again, so it is time to get something out the door. For 0.3, I want to include a preliminary version of the WaspDoc documentation tool so a new Wasp Lisp manual can be written with the assistance of the user community. (All three of you.. Well, if you build it, either they'll come or they'll still prefer DrScheme..) In 0.4, the event loop will return, and Wasp will probably enter a feature freeze. I expect to focus on unit tests, build processes and documentation. Wasp and Mosquito have never had a real production quality release -- something I would like to change. For Source and Win32 Builds, see the possibly temporary distribution site.